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Our Services

KOB Solutions, Inc. is a full service, highly specialized recruiting firm.  Our business is primarily contingency searches, however we can provide retained search or contract search services if these approaches better fit your needs.

The goal of our recruiting services is to provide you with the best qualified candidates that align with your requirements.  At KOB Solutions, we pride ourselves on our Comprehensive Candidate Assessment approach. Here’s where we roll up our sleeves and go to work for you. Our goal is to find qualified candidates who possess the technical and industrial skills as well as the “softer” skills required to effectively assimilate into your organization and drive value to your business.

Our process follows:

1. Determine Client Needs

This is the first and most important step for both the client and KOB Solutions. It is essential that we fully understand your recruiting needs, including but not limited to the technical & presentation skills, communication & personality, and any other specific nuances important to you. We will also discuss salary range and timeframes within which you want to work. We can even work with you to develop a job description for the new role. Our goal up front is to fully understand and appreciate your recruiting needs.

2. Search for Candidates

During this phase, KOB Solutions conducts a thorough search for qualified candidates. We use all resources available to us including, but not limited to, industry and career portals, our extensive internal database of qualified candidates, and our network of industry professionals and thought leaders.

3. Screen Candidates

During this phase, KOB Solutions creates a “short list” of highly qualified candidates and conducts detailed screenings of these candidates. We ask challenging questions to assess the candidate’s qualifications as well as the candidate’s readiness to accept a new position. The interviewing phase is our strength. We recognize that our reputation rests on the quality of the candidates that we submit. Therefore, we are very careful to conduct a thorough assessment of all potential candidates.

4. Submit Candidates

KOB Solutions submits candidate resumes or profiles to the client for the client’s review. We will answer any questions you may have about any of the candidates, and we will be on point to set up and coordinate the interview process for any of our candidates you choose to pursue further.

5. Support Interview Process

KOB Solutions works with the client to support the end-to-end interviewing process – from the initial phone screen to the onsite interview to the job offer acceptance. We recognize that every client handles this process a little differently. At KOB Solutions, we make sure to understand your company’s process and we will work within your company’s recruiting guidelines.